I´ve been trying to learn the basics of videography by filming short videos of my outdoor adventures. Follow me on YouTube for updates on new videos when they´re published.

Christmas Morning

Out for a coffee with my father on the Christmas Morning.

We only get a few hours of daylight in Finland this time of the year. Up north the sun is rising next time late January. Me and my father decided to spend the short day out skiing in the woods where we used to go hunting together when I was young. We packed some firewood and coffee and slowly skied through the snowy, quiet forest.

Coffee has rarely tasted that good – Christmas Morning to remember.

Filmed with Sony a6500 and DJI Spark.

On a Winter Night

Camping with my daughter on a winter night.

We set out late in darkness and walked a couple hours to a desolate island only accessible with planks on shallow water. It snowed through the night and we slept like babies in total quietness.

When she grows up and someone asks, “Where were you when Finland celebrated 100 years of independence?” – I want her to answer , “Camping with my father”.

Filmed with Sony a6500 and DJI Spark.

Running the Wicklow Way

Running 112km with 3700m of elevation on The Wicklow Way trail through Irish countryside.

Filmed with GoPro Hero 4 Black and iPhone 8 Plus

Blog post and photos on the Wicklow Way run can be found here.

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