Short stories of my love on endurance sports, nature, travel and photography.

I´m a Finnish wannabe endurance athlete and amateur photographer who likes to spend the days outdoors. Hopelessly addicted to running in the rain, biking for hours on remote trails, skiing on snowy fields and swimming in calm forest lakes early in the morning.

Ukonilma is a phrase for a thunderstorm in finnish. Follow along, any weather!

* All the content published in this this site is my own. All the photos have been taken and developed by myself or my family members. Please see the Copyright notice below.

2 responses to “About

  1. hey, nice to meet you, I’ve just signed up for kilimanjaro run and am stoked. My name’s catherine, currently living in scotland. happy trails, see you in august


  2. Hi Catherine, thanks for reaching out!

    Congrats on a great decision of signing up for KSR, really looking forward to the trip myself. Lots of running to do before August 🙂 Hope you can join us for the summit expedition after the run as well.

    Looking forward to meeting you in Tanzania!


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